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New Swimming Pool Operational

The brand new pool at Baan Leelawadee is 12m x 6m and 1.7m deep at the deep end.  It was completed and filled a few days ago with 60,000 litres of fresh water.  To speed the process the water was delivered by a fleet of 10 tankers in the space of 2 hours.  After a quick swim to test out the pool the water was treated with chemicals to remove any impurities and bacteria.  After 3 days this flocculated and dropped to the bottom after which it was hoovered out leaving pure clean water.  The main pump was then started to pass the water through the sand filter to remove any residual impurities before being given a small metered dose of chlorine generated from salt to keep it bacteria free.  The sand filters keep the water 99.9% clean and free from any particles. The chlorine does the rest.  The design and precise metering of the chlorine means that there is no chlorine smell normally associated with swimming pools.  That smell is caused by the presence of chloramides which form from an insufficient dose of chlorine and heavy load of urea and other impurities on the system.   The overflow design means that the water is full up to the brim of the pool and any water that gets splashed over the edge simply drops into the overflow channel and is drained back into the tank that feeds the pump to the filter.  This also avoids big puddles of water around the pool if the kids are playing a lot and having plenty of fun.  The jacuzzi was also tested and works a treat providing a perfect relaxation and yet more fun for both adults and kids!