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Baan Leelawadee Villa Pattaya – Private pool, Jacuzzi & Gardens

Imagine yourself in this beautiful private villa’s swimming pool and jacuzzi with its crystal clear water surrounded by lovely gardens. The perfect way to enjoy you holiday vacation in Pattaya. Only 15 minutes away from the beach, shopping centres, golf courses, major attractions and Walking Street.


The pool continuously recirculates, cleans and filters the warm water in sand filters before dosing it with a very small amount of bacterial disinfectant made from salt to create crystal clear safe to drink water.  The pool is cleaned of any leaves or other debris from the garden that might find its way into the pool and also maintained twice a week by Home & Pool who constructed the pool.  They also do a series of tests on the water to ensure it is 100% safe and healthy.  Unlike a lot of pools that have 240v lights the lights in our pool are 12v and so completely safe to swim in at night with no danger of electrocution.   There are a set of tiered steps to enter the pool and a ladder at the far end.  The design of the pool is a kidney shape with overflow ie not back spashing when using it.  The blend of blue and green tiles creates a beautiful colour in the bright sunlight.

The built-in jacuzzi is a lot of fun and great for relaxing.  With its tiered seats and powerful jets of air creating a lot of bubbles!  Surrounding the pool are beautiful trees, shrubs and flowers some very mature leading to the garden.  There is an outside toilet and sink so you don’t need to go inside to use them.  There is also an outside shower to rinse off when getting in and out.  At night there are 4 coloured lights under the water that create a unique perfect mood in combination with the surrounding lights around the pool and garden. There are very few luxury villas that have a beautiful pool like this.  This pool will give endless hours of fun, enjoyment and relaxation to kids and adults alike.